Aysha Lily Cebu Guest House

 Philippinen - Cebu City
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  • Hotelinformationen

It is ideal for wise and budget conscious travelers and backpackers. It offers a very homey ambiance that will make guests feel so at home, styled in an ancestral Spanish architecture. From large rooms that can fit a small family to dormitory type rooms being given at a very affordable rate that is budget effective. There is plenty of indoor and outdoor space for relaxing, or simply mingling with fellow guests, backpackers, and wise travelers, thus making new friends.|The property is perfectly situated in the heart of the city, along the hotspots of the famous Mango Avenue (presently called Gen. Maxilom Avenue) which is within walking distance of the city's Capitol Circle, and some of the well-known establishments like Ayala Center, Robinson's Place, Mango Square which boasts the province's night life - cafes, bars and restaurants that line up the avenue.

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